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Crying…He finally finds someone in a long long time and she gets taken by cancer! Steve! </3

The two drawings I did today for Steve Perry’s bday, I know that last drawing is kinda odd, but I was thinking of Florida. :}


Today is the 64th Birthday of the legendary former front-man of Journey, Stephen Ray Perry (Steve Perry). Journey has been my favorite band for over three years now, and it was this man’s voice that made me fall in love with them in the first place. Whether or not you decide to use that beautiful voice and sing again, I will love you no matter what. Again, Happy 64th Birthday Steve “The Voice” Perry.

A very happy birthday to Steve Perry!

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I listen to the best music.

No joke, but last night I dreamt Steve Perry threw me a bday party, and he gave me 16 birthday kisses. :}

So its my bday in eleven days, ill be 16, and i had this wild dream the other night that Steve Perry, Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson all wished me happy birthday at a surprise party. Haha, if only! :D

I love the way Steve says, &#8220;Good morning, girl.&#8221;

I love the way Steve says, “Good morning, girl.”

How do you go from this…to this…to THAT? But he’s so cute. <3 I love Stevie! <3

*sob sob sob cry cry wail sob sob cry *

*sob sob sob cry cry wail sob sob cry *

Hopelessly in Love with you.

Favorite name from this list? For later purposes.

Kamikaze Kate
Ronni Renagade
Dionysus Dinosaur
Israfel Isabelle
Pink&Blue Lou
Ziggy Zebra
Black&White Fox
Roxy Rocker
Roxy Rollercoaster
Alex Blackheart
Candi Catastrophe
Poppy Paulie
Minti Micki
Robin PoeRaven
Stevie Dragonkins
Mownie Monsti

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